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Driving With Carolina – How to Beat Procrastination

In today's episode of #DrivingWithCarolina I talk about an entrepreneur's biggest enemy, or at least, one of the biggest: Procrastination.

I suffer from it, and I bet you suffer from it too. The root of procrastination has to do with avoiding pain, fear and ‘playing it safe'. Truth be told, our brain is designed to make us survive, not to make us happy. So if you want to live a happy, fulfilled life, you have to take risks, you have to face the unknown.

You have to create a reality in which staying where you are (or going backwards) is much scarier, and dangerous, than taking imperfect action. Because when you take action, the worst that can happen is failing. And if you work on your mindset, and don't quit, you won't fail.

Are you procrastinating? Have you decided to stop it and take action? What actions are you going to take this week? Leave a comment below!