Start Today

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I cannot tell you how many times I’ve told myself “I’ll start working on that project tomorrow” “I’ll start working out next week” “I’ll write my new book when I have more experience” “I’ll set up that facebook campaign after I learn that new trick” etc… the list is endless, and I’m sure you can … read the full post


How To Get Rid Of A Scarcity Mindset

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We all experience this at one point or another: having a scarcity mindset. And scarcity is not just about money or possessions, but it’s also about looking for the negative in everything. Being the type of person that, even though is able to appreciate something, has to immediately turn to the lack of something, looking … read the full post


Common Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

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What do you think makes some people more successful than others? Some people go as far as to say it’s genetics. Sure, I think some people grow up in an entrepreneurial environment, and just love money early on. But just because that wasn’t your case, it doesn’t mean you can’t build certain habits that will … read the full post