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12 Supplements Every Entrepreneur Should Take

Supplements have become an important part of my health routine. Ever since I cut out meat and chicken out of my diet (I only eat fish occasionally), I knew it would be important to supplement what I was eating. My diet consists, for the most part, of legumes, leafy greens such as kale and spinach, fruits, vegetables, eggs, and yes, organic chocolate because I love sweets.

I made this video to share with you some of the supplements I take, and that I believe every Entrepreneur could benefit from! I even share a couple of supplements that helped me help my mom treat her cancer.

Make sure you watch the video all the way through! I've included a list of the supplements and where to get them below the video! Enjoy, and be sure to leave me a comment! 🙂

Here's the list of supplements and where to get them!

Golden Milk

Digestive Enzimes

Multi-vitamin (women)

Multi-vitamin (men)

Beta Glucan

Vitamin D3


Bowel Cleanse (And other cleanses)



Milk Thistle

Oil of Oregano

Raw Probiotics (women)

Raw Probiotics (men)


3 thoughts on “12 Supplements Every Entrepreneur Should Take

  1. Hello Carolina,

    Talking about health, do you know about Dr. Glidden, if not, kindly go to his web site (THIS WEB SITE IS the OFFICIAL Dr. Peter Glidden BS, ND Website) and see for yourself and the supplements that Dr Glidden recommends will certainly do a great help for your mom’s health and also for yourself. Don’t trust my words but go and see for yourself. Always take care!

    Your friend,
    Reggy Hin

    1. Hola carolina , es un gusto para mi escribirte estas letras. Para empezar te dire que soy vegetariano desde hace mucho tiempo, y que ocasionalmente como huevos, leche, y peces, pero muy pocas veces. Gracias por vuestros consejos de salud, pues nunca dejamos de aprender de las experiencias de otras personas, especialmente de vos que sos una persona con buenas intenciones y te gusta ayudar a tus semejantes. pronto, quisiera entrar al programa de MOBE y Matt Lloyd, pero me gustaria que tu fueras mi sponsor, pues se que tu me ensenaras muy bien los secretos de INTERNET MARKETING para hacer dinero con el PROVEN SISTEM (OSM) de MATT LLOYD. Ahora lo que estoy haciendo, es tratando de reunir el dinero para empezar en ese negocio. Vivo en el Canada, pero viajo frecuentemente a Nicaragua, mi pais de nacimiento, y Costa rica, y seria un gusto para mi conocer vuestro pais Chile, pues me han dicho que tiene paisajes muy lindos. Saludos y bendiciones para vos y tu familia. Gracias.

  2. Thank you so much for the introduction to herbal, natural vitamins. That is what I love. I knew you had an extremely true and that angel position about you. I was currently on medication for epilepsy that I got rid of. I do not take it anymore. Dilatin is something I was on at 16 years old. It is bad if you get pregnant and at my age, it can do something with your bones. I just found out I have a tumor in my Thyroid that will be taken out in January. Enough about me.
    I am very happy you shared these vitamins with us. I am definitely going to purchase them. Thank you again, Carolina.
    Looking forward to hearing from you again, soon.

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