5 Steps To 10X Your Business – Training with Luke Hawkins

One of the latest guests I've invited to come train my Inner Circle Members was Luke Hawkins from Australia. I met Luke at Date With Destiny (Tony Robbins event) in May 2016. I immediately felt his contagious energy, and so recently I invited him to do a training for my students. I was so excited about the training, that I decided to open it to the public, instead of keeping it private for my students only.

Luke is an NLP coach, and he has successfully coached dozens of people, turning them into success stories. He helps people unlock their full potential by removing all the blocks they have within them that prevent them from being successful. Some of his students have closed $2,000, $5,000 and up $1.8 million dollar sales just days after attending his NLP Prac certifications in Sydney, which to me is proof that most of what stops us from being successful is in our own minds, and not in the exterior.

In this specific training, we share with you 5 Steps you can follow in order to 10X your Business and also your life, if you enjoy it, make sure you leave a comment below and subscribe to my Youtube channel here!


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