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Another Awesome Talk by Scott Stratten (aka @UnMarketing)

In 2009-2010 I got really into social media. And I started following people whom I saw as role models. Scott is one of those role models. He's one of my social media gurus. Probably my favourite one! On Twitter he goes by the name @unmarketing, and his motto is “stop marketing, start engaging”

I haven't had the pleasure to see one of his talks live yet, but they're always filled with awesome advice, they're fun and educative.

He points out everything brands to that keeps them from building better relationships with their customers, and how to actually focus on what really matters. He also shows examples of brands being AWESOME, and how simple it is to take advantage of each window of opportunity to do so.

So sit back, relax, and watch the latest talk he did at the NMX event in 2014


During my social media talks and classes, I always quote Scott, and I recommend his books. If you would like to learn more, these are the three books he has released so far. I recommend you start with ‘UnMarketing'

“Focus on what matters, not on what's new”

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