Beating Camera Shyness

Video is the single most important media to communicate your message today. Everyone is doing video, and the more often you do it, the better. But, what if you're terrified of it?

In today's episode of Driving With Carolina I share with you what worked for me when I was terrified of the camera, and what you can do to start getting into the habit of doing video.

If you want to be successful as a Digital Entrepreneur, then you have to look at what's working for others. If you see that the people you look up to are doing video, it's because it's working. I watch what people like Gary Vaynerchuk are doing and model it. I want to invite you to also model what I'm doing. I'm now uploading more often than I used to, because if you want people to buy from you, work with you, get inspired by you, you have to be in front of them.

If you enjoyed this video, be sure to leave a comment below and share you're experience with videos and what important action step you'll be taking today to beat your own camera shyness!

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4 thoughts on “Beating Camera Shyness

  1. Thanks Carolina for the awesome sharing. Your video is timely and what you have shared resonates with me 100%! I am in the process of doing my first video and i have psyched myself exactly what you have shared. I will just do it! Thanks again!

  2. Hi Carolina, I enjoyed your video, and your suggestions are helpful. I was wondering how you recorded in the car. Did you mount a smart phone on the dashboard? Also your audio came through quite well. Nice job!

  3. I really enjoyed watching this, BRAVO!
    You have a great gift of inspiration.
    Everything about your brand is spot on. It is a beautiful model.
    Watching you over the years I thought to myself, “I sure wish I could’ve looked over your shoulder and built my brand similarly”.
    My brother is a professional videographer, so I am less camera shy myself. I’ve made a few dozen videos on my own here: (youtube: Abundancetrainer). Let me know what you think!
    My business rebellious side has wanted to brand my business first (Abundancetrainers), because thats where my message is, and not just me (Daniel___.com) like most. I am re-thinking that strategy. Maybe I can do both!

    Appreciate the Driving with Carolina, latest episode and thanks for taking my comment.

  4. I have a question for you, how can I use multiple opt-in pages for one Aweber account or do I have to use each Aweber account for each opt-in page?

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