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Brands Rocking Social Media: American Airlines

If you know me at all, then you probably know that I love to travel. I do it a lot! I live in Chile, so everything is far for me, which means I have to hop on airplanes several times a year to get to the places where the cool things are happening. In 2014 alone I traveled to 5 different countries (more than once, even): Brazil, Costa Rica, United States, Mexico, The Bahamas. And when you travel that much, at one point or another, your standards when it comes to flying begin to get higher.

That was the case when I traveled to the United States using American Airlines. It was the first I ever used their service, and for some reason I thought their airplanes and their service would be better than Delta. Well… I was quite disappointed. A few friends told me after I had bought my tickets “Oh no, AA is by far the worst, I'd pick Delta any day..” And so, after I landed back home in Chile, I tweeted this:



And that, translated to English means “Mental Note: Never to travel with American Airlines again”

Since I tweeted in Spanish, I wasn't really expecting any answers from them, but shortly after, I got this reply:



This tweet immediately caught my attention. I was like “ok… these guys are doing social media right, that's one thing!”. And so, I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt and told them straight away what my complaint was about, I didn't hold anything back, as you can see…



I just let it all out. I would've said their onboard food service sucked, but I didn't have enough characters left, you know, you only get 140 characters per Tweet!

After I said that, they replied back, and that really surprised me:


This is where my jaw began to drop… it's like they knew it was coming! The conversation continued like this:



What's the moral of the story? They turned someone who said they'd never fly with them again into someone who's now more than willing to give them another chance. See the power of social media? So when people ask you “what's the ROI of Twitter?” Well… this is it! One of my friends, Darren, traveled with them recently, and left this comment on my Facebook post.

Captura de pantalla 2014-12-11 a la(s) 22.52.17


This is the ROI, sometimes you can't measure it in numbers, but you can see the potential, and you can see how having a conversation with just one person can have a massive impact on your brand and eventually, on your sales.

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