Caleb Maddix on Self Education and Entrepreneurship | BTH 010

Caleb Maddix is one of the nicest, smartest teenagers I've ever met. At only 16 years old he has accomplished more than most people ever do in their lifetime. His passion for teaching and making an impact is worthy of imitation. I've had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of times and to call him a friend in the industry. Along with his father they are the founders of a company named Maddix Publishing, where they help people write and publish books. Caleb himself has written 9 books, maybe more by now!

We did this interview a couple of months ago, and I strongly believe his message can impact people of all ages, and at all levels. We touched on several topics including young Entrepreneurship, morning routines, self education, his inspiration and more. If you're not yet familiar with Caleb's work, then it's time to get into it. This young Entrepreneur will light a fire in your heart and make you realise that success can come at all ages, as long as you have a burning desire to serve others.

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You may also watch the video of this interview here!

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