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Facing Your Fears VS Avoiding Fears BTH 058

Today's podcast on Beyond The Hustle is about going after what you want, even when there are obstacles ahead. There are people out there who only want the result, they want the good life, the success, but they aren't willing to put in the work and, most importantly, face their fears and obstacles.

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I am a big fan of tennis. And this morning I was reading an interview with Roger Federer, talking about his upcoming match against Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros 2019. By the time I'm writing this post, the match has already ended and Nadal has won. However, what Roger said in the interview was really inspiring to me. It made me realize how that principle applies to anything in life and business. Professional athletes are a huge inspiration to anyone pursuing their passion. The discipline required, the mindset needed, to get as far as these guys have is something we can all learn from!

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