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Finding one's voice is one of the most exciting quests we can embark on. Let me tell you, I'm constantly finding new voices and new purposes. And that translates into a new message to deliver to the World.

For you to succeed, you have to find your message, and deliver it to the right audience at the right time.

I recorded this video recently during a visit to the UK, it was a sunny day and I got very inspired 🙂

Enjoyed the video? Subscribe to my youtube channel here and share this video with anyone you think needs to hear this! And leave me a comment if this has made you start thinking about YOUR message 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Find Your Message

  1. Great message here Carolina.

    I struggled for many years on this very point. I never thought I had something worth telling my story about.

    It was not until I started writing articles for my blog that my message solidified. And I’ll tell you it’s still in the formative stages but I know what my goal is now.

    Thanks for putting this out!

  2. Hello Carolina,
    I think you’re right about going out to find your message. Our message is always bigger than what we are in ourselves. Your message is to help others to overcome what God has permitted you to overcome. You have to encounter the struggles of others to awaken the compassion in you to help others. So you have to go out.

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