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Gary Vaynerchuk at Affiliate Summit East ASE 2016

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the Affiliate Summit East in New York City. As you've seen in my previous post, I got to meet and interview Scott Stratten, aka @Unmarketing, one of my favorite Social Media speakers and authors, and you must follow him.

And, to make it even sweeter, I got to meet and listen to Gary Vaynerchuk again. I was even briefly featured on episode 058 of his #DailyVee show!

I met Gary for the first time at Traffic and Conversion Summit in February 2016. Then, in March, when he was launching his new book, I did an exclusive interview with him, which you can watch here!

And now, just a few days ago he spoke at the Affiliate Ball, which is a big party that takes place every year at Affiliate Summit. I managed to record most of his talk, which was mostly a Q&A with us attendees, I also got to ask him a question, so look for it!

I recommend you wear earphones to hear him well as it was very noisy from all the affiliates who were partying there ! You can also activate the subtitles in the video šŸ˜‰

I sincerely hope you enjoy this video! Leave me a comment and please share this post in your social platforms and make sure you follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat !


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