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How To Live Life With Passion!

When you get to live life with passion, it shows. I do what I do because I'm passionate about it. I designed my life in a way that allows me to live every day to the fullest, even in the simple things, or in the masterful things, such as awesome medieval castles 🙂

I am on a mission to help as many people as possible to live life with passion! Will you be next?

Watch the video below where I show you the ruins of the beautiful Commarque Castle in France and fight my fear for bugs 🙂

Oh and want a cool fact? One of the many castles I've visited, which wasn't in ruins actually, was the castle of  Fenelon in France, and he invented the word ‘Mentor‘ when he wrote his book Telemaque. Cool, huh?



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One thought on “How To Live Life With Passion!

  1. Hello Carolina,
    It is so nice to see you living the life of your dreams. It sounds as though you are now entrenched in MOBE.

    You actually took a picture of Matt and I in the Bahamas. I was terribly shy then, as I knew nothing any so many, knew so much. I am more confident now and hope I will find myself in your position a year from now. I have come to love this business, just need to make some money at it. I have found my passion….so I will do well.
    I have my own travel business so I have always dreamed of traveling the world with a laptop and blogging about my adventure. MOBE offers the added benefit of traveling in style. Love that!
    I also want to help others. I have designed a house that I want to build with a media room to train others. My son is in the Film industry, so he can help me set it up. My daughter has her own Marketing and Finance business. They both live in London; I am in Canada, but somehow, when the time is right, it will all come together.
    My part is to learn more and make the money to pay for these things I need to help others as well as my family.
    Continue to explore Europe and enjoy your life to the fullest. Life can slip by too fast. Enjoy every day as though it was your last. Have fun exploring on this adventure you are on.

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