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How To Make More and Give More with Akbar Sheikh

I met Akbar Sheikh about 4 years ago at a FunnelHacking live event in Dallas, Tx in the US. Akbar is a fellow member of the Clickfunnels community, and at the time, I didn't know that much about him or his story. It wasn't until 2019, when we ran into each other again, that he told me how much I had inspired him. He told me that, when he was broke and about to give up, my story of perseverance inspired him to keep on going and to pursue his dreams. To me that's like, one of the most flattering things anyone could tell me.

So, I decided to invite Akbar to the podcast, to share more about his story, and how he's now inspiring so many Entrepreneurs through the Make More, Give More movement that he's started. During the interview, he shared more about how he built his business to 7-figures 100% organically, and what you can learn from his experience. He's also a part of the Two-Comma Club from Clickfunnels, so you're guaranteed to get value here today.

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