Let Passion Be Your Power

This weekend I was reading a very inspiring book, it's called ‘Change The Way you See Everything: Through Asset Based Thinking“. I recommend you get a copy for yourself.

And there was one phrase in the book (I haven't finished it yet) that kept stuck in my mind: Let Passion Be Your Power. And what that means is simply this: if you're not doing something you're passionate about, it will not give you enough power. When you let your passions take over everything you do in this life, for yourself and for others, you feel it.

Ask yourself this: “Am I merely going through the motions, or am I vitally engaged in life?” The difference between those two is PASSION.

Ever since I started building my Personal Brand online, I realised how passionate I was about fulfilling my dreams by living the lifestyle that I wanted, and not what other people had planned for me. When you engage in a “job” you sell your time to a third party, who becomes your boss, and is entitled to give you orders, and tell you what to do.

Yesterday I received one of my biggest commission payouts in a while. I received $7,178.71 US dollars deposited directly into my ewallet account. Pure profit. I've made $11K in one single day, but it's not always all profit. What I received yesterday was my biggest profit in quite some time. To me it's a result of my passion. That money wouldn't be happening if I hadn't been as dedicated and passionate about building my business.

Besides my internet marketing business, I am also passionate about speaking on stage. I discovered I could do this about two years ago, when people started to invite me to speak at events locally and internationally. Mainly events related to social media, personal branding and entrepreneurship.

And why I am saying this to you my friends? Because sometimes we find it hard to believe that anyone who is honest and real can make this kind of money on the internet. It seems strange. But as long as you let passion be your power, your fuel… there's only so much that can stop you. You become unstoppable.

I want to help you achieve your biggest passions in life, by starting your own internet business. Use the contact form in my blog by clicking here and tell me everything you think I should know.

I want to leave you with this little exercise that I got from the book. Try this:


Morning Mental Workout

Begin each day with a mental workout. Coach your first thoughts to be strong, clear, encouraging. This morning routine will keep you from wanting to roll over and go back to sleep. It is a vivid dress rehearsal that shapes what you aim for and how you respond to what comes your way.

Review your most important objectives by completing the following sentence: “I am the perfect person to accomplish (describe your objective)____________ because I am/have (describe your assets) _______________.


Trust me my friends, this will make you feel A LOT better, do this everyday and don't let any negative emotions take over you. I will be telling you more about Asset Based Thinking in my next posts. 😉

Please share this post with everyone and anyone whom you think needs to revive their passions from within. We all have it inside, sometimes it's just dormant. 🙂


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