Nik Halik on the #5DayWeekend Lifestyle, Business and Investing | BTH 008

I met Nik Halik 4 years ago at a Mastermind in Costa Rica. Since then we've built a close relationship and I'm happy to call him a friend and a mentor. When it comes to investing, whether it's the stock market or cryptocurrencies, Nik is the one expert I ask questions to. And he's the only one I trust. I've not only learned from him, but I've also invested with him and it has always brought me a positive ROI.

He recently wrote a book called “The 5 Day Weekend” which is one of the most valuable books you'll ever read when it comes to designing your life according to the lifestyle you want to live, instead of a job, like most people do. You can grab a copy of his book here.

This interview is pure gold, I strongly recommend you listen to it in full and pay attention to some of the golden nuggets Nik will share with you. If you enjoy it, be sure to subscribe to the podcast here and leave us a 5-star review! 


You may also watch the video of this interview here:

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