PhoneBloks: A Phone Worth Keeping

When you visit my blog, you will normally read about entrepreneurship, making money from home, lifestyle, mindset  and awesome things. Well, this is an awesome thing that deserves attention. And it is a fantastic initiative that deserves a hell of a lot of buzz, so I've decided to contribute.

It's about a smart phone idea called Phonebloks. Literally, it's a phone that is made of blocks. Why? Well, the video below describes it better, but basically, technology isn't made to last, and electronic waste is becoming quite an issue in the World today. The idea here is to build a phone that is easy to upgrade, because each component is a block that you can detach and replace. Cool, huh? I absolutely loved the idea, and although I do love my iPhone, when these come out, I am getting my hands on one. In order to make this idea a reality, they need YOUR support.

Watch the video and support the cause by going to PhoneBloks.com NOW.



Leave a comment and tell me what you think about this awesome phone. And make sure you share this post with anyone who could be interested, to spread the awesome! 🙂

One thought on “PhoneBloks: A Phone Worth Keeping

  1. Awesome idea…I love it! Phonebloks, a phone worth keeping…The whole
    idea makes total sense…a lot less waste and total customization.
    Thanks for sharing Carolina 🙂

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