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For the last couple of years I've been focusing a big part of my Marketing budget on Facebook ads. Despite what people might say about the ads not being effective, or accounts being banned, it's still one of the most profitable ways to reach your target market. And if this is an advertising platform that you're interested in, you're welcome to check out this webinar recording I did with my friend Michelle Pescosolido on the topic of mastering Facebook for your Business.

Now, one key element to succeed with Facebook ads is to know what's working, and a good way to find out, is by looking at other people's ads that are successful.

There's a really cool platform and blog I follow a lot called AdEspresso and they have a really cool database of ads they have collected, that will help you get some inspiration for your ads.

They call it the Facebook Ads Gallery and you can access here: http://adespresso.com/academy/ads-examples/

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What's really cool is that it's like a search engine, and you can search by industry, placement, keywords, and more.

They developed this tool by simply taking screenshots of multiple ads and saving them here. I'm sure you'll get a ton of inspiration for your next campaign!

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