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The Best Thing About Affiliate Summit

I've been in NYC for about 6 days now. The main reason I came was to attend Affiliate Summit East, the biggest conference and networking event for Affiliate Marketers in the industry. But the main reason I come to such an event isn't exactly because of the talks. It's the people you meet here. It's the Networking.

In fact, during the entire event, I've only seen one talk: Scott Stratten's aka @Unmarketing. I've been following this man since 2009 and it's been because of him that I started to use Twitter properly. He's been a true inspiration for me and for years I was waiting for a chance to meet him and it finally came!

In fact, he even agreed to do an interview with me (which will be up really soon by the way, watch this space!). All in all, an awesome guy, very fun to watch on stage and to hang out with. And he knows what it takes for a brand to use social media in a way that really matters and really generates an impact in an audience. Follow him if you haven't.


On day 1, I attended a meet up with affiliates who make millions per month, and I got a million dollar idea from my friend and mentor Giancarlo Barraza. Just one idea you get at one of these events, can make you a millionaire. So you HAVE to go to Masterminds, you have to be where the successful people are, you have to invest in Mentors. It's not enough to buy the recordings, or to watch the live streaming. That's not going to cut it for you.

Last night we attended a private VIP party with Gary Vaynerchuk, whom I'm happy to say recognized me when he saw me and said it was “great you could make it!”. I met him for the first time at Traffic & Conversion Summit this year, and I later did an exclusive interview with Gary just a few months ago when he launched his new book, you can check it out here.

caro and garyvee 2

Now, you have to know that for you to become successful, you have to take MASSIVE action. You'll get ideas here, and at any other event, but if you don't do anything with them, you'll stay right where you are.

So let me give you one idea. Content. Generate content. Everyday. Post it everywhere. You'll see results, not immediately, but you will see results. Do live Facebook video to invite people to your webinars. One of my students did this yesterday and he went from 68 registrants to 142 for his webinar. Webinars are so powerful you have no idea. Live video, that's the current trend. But remember this. Don't follow a trend just because. Follow it if it makes sense to you, if it makes sense to your audience, your product, your service. Yes 360º video is cool, but it's not cool if all you're going to show is your office in 360º. But if your business is visual, it's outdoorsy, then yes! Use it! Above all, provide value to your audience, and do it often. You'll succeed when you help others get what they want!

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