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Things To Consider To Avoid Being Banned By Facebook

I've been advertising on Facebook for the past 7 years now. Wow seems like a long time. It was back in 2010 when I purchased Jonathan Budd's course “Get Traffic 3-0”, back when very few people were advertising at all. I loved the course and I started advertising immediately. However, at the time, Facebook was a lot more laid back. We could place ads with pictures of money, make claims, basically do almost anything we wanted and we'd get approved. Good ole' days…

Well, I wish I had had more budget back then. I could only spend a couple hundred a month and wasn't taking it all that seriously. It wasn't until 2012 that I started advertising for my marketing services, webinars, and affiliate marketing opportunities. Flash forward until today and during all that time I never had an ad account flagged for policy violation. But these days, Facebook has gotten more strict than ever. And in just one week they flagged 4 of my accounts!!, including my main account, my favorite one. :'( Luckily, I had followed the advice I give my own students, and had already created several accounts that I could continue to use, but it's still a pain.

This is the one thing a FB Advertiser dreads waking up to:

The worst part is that their “reason” is always very vague, so you never know exactly what triggered the ban.

And even though I managed to get back 3 of my banned accounts (they had banned 7!), it's always better to be safe than sorry. I was reading an article on Adleaks and I wanted to share with you the main points they recommend avoiding, in order to optimize conversions on your landing page, and to avoid being disapproved and/or banned:

  • Negative first impression.
  • Your ads call-to-action doesn’t align with landing page.
  • You have a pop up on the first step of the landing page or funnel.
  • Your value proposition is unclear, unreasonable or misleading.
  • Poor mobile experience (more weight now than ever before).
  • The landing page and ad creative are not aligned.
  • The page load time is too long (high bounce rate)
  • The opt-in forms and sign-up boxes are not easy to find.
  • Lengthy opt-in forms (keep it simple).
  • Before and after images.
  • Excessive amount of emojis, characters or using ALL CAPITAL LETTERS.
  • Missing a privacy policy, terms and any applicable disclaimers
  • Your Landing Page Redirects to another type of page (pop-ups, income claims, etc. are no bueno).
  • A video on your landing page that auto-plays.

If you ever get banned, the warning in your account will say “if you believe this is a mistake, contact us”. So go ahead and always click that and explain why you believe it's a mistake and ask for a manual review, and sometimes they'll do a manual review and conclude that it was indeed a mistake. I was lucky to get some of my accounts back!

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Well, I hope this has been helpful! Leave me a comment if it was and feel free to share your Facebook horror stories!

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