Are You A Thinker Or A Do-er? How To Get Things Done

I remember about 6 years ago I got an email from Mike Dillard, one of the first Marketing Mentors I followed, where he gave away the most important piece of software that he was using to build his 8-figure business.

Of course, I opened the email because he made me really curious (this guy is an amazing copy writer).

And guess what, the tool he was talking about was nothing fancy. It wasn't even an auto-responder.

It was “NotePad”.

Basically, all you need to get your business off the ground is to complete those daily tasks that only you can do (not the ones you should outsource). Those tasks you can write down each night on NotePad (because that way when you wake up in the morning, they're already there waiting for you) and get them done the next day.

Every time you have a good idea for your business, instead of thinking about it and letting days go by, you have to do it. And the best way, is to break it down into small tasks that you can implement one step at a time. That's why you need a tool like notepad (you can use Evernote nowadays, Mike's email was from 2008 :P) where you can do this every day. Make a list of those tasks you need to complete.

Here's something important. Put tasks on your list, not goals. Tasks are more tangible, doable on a daily basis, and they contribute to your goals.

For example, lets say your goal is to have a money making blog. That's your desire, your dream, your goal. It's not a task, so you don't put it on your to-do list. What would you put there? Well, break down your goal. What does it take to create a blog that makes you money? Good Content, right? It also takes having a blog, of course, so if you don't have one set up, you have to hire someone to do it. It may also take tools to help you monetize it, like banner ads, or affiliate programs that you can place there, and so on.

So on your daily to-do list you could write down:

1. Write two pieces of content

2. Talk to at least 3 blog designers

3. Hire a blog designer

4. Research new content for tomorrow's posts

5. Leave comments on other people's blogs for back-links

6. Research other people's blogs that inspire yours.

When you break down your goals into little pieces it becomes a lot easier to get these things done. So instead of “thinking” about how much you'd love to have a business that generates 5 figures a month for you, start doing the small daily tasks that will take you there.

I hope this post was helpful for you to start getting more things done! How many tasks were you able to cross out of your to-do list today? 😉

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