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Vince Reed on Effectively Scaling Your Traffic | BTH 016

Traffic without conversions doesn't generate sales. The key is to know how to improve your conversions. Earlier in 2018 I started my first podcast called Beyond The Hustle! And whilst my website has been under construction for a while now, I haven't posted many of these interviews yet! However, you can find all episodes by going here: simply pick your favorite platform!

I've known Vince Reed for at least 6 years! And he's one of the coolest, most knowledgeable Entrepreneurs I've been able to meet! We also share a lot of the same values, so it's always cool to find people who are like-minded. We've met at a few events where we were both either attending or speaking. In fact, just a few months ago we were both on stage at Funnelhacking live, an event organized by Clickfunnels, picking up our 2 Comma Club Awards, that's where we took this selfie 🙂

Carolina Millan and Traffic Expert Vince Reed

Vince is one of the go-to Entrepreneurs when it comes to traffic and conversions in the online marketing world. In this episode we discuss how to scale your business strategically, without increasing your traffic spend! When I first started investing in paid traffic, I wasn't really clear on how to scale. For a lot of people, scaling means spending more. But it doesn't have to be like that. That's where experts like Vince come in. He knows that the best way to scale your business starts with actually understanding your numbers, and reverse engineering your cost per lead. Vince provide a great example on how to do this, especially if you're brand new.

I hope you enjoy the interview, take lots of notes, and remember to subscribe to the podcast! You can do so on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud and more! You may also check out this podcast tutorial I did recently, if you want to start your own 🙂

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