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What Is Your Primary Question?

A few months ago I had the life-changing opportunity to attend Date With Destiny, Tony Robbins' most important seminar. It's 6 Full days of work, designing our lives, reprogramming our brains, and having all sorts of breakthroughs, that I wouldn't be able to fit in one video!

So I picked one thing that I thought was important, and that anyone can understand, without having to attend the seminar just yet. The concept of the Primary Question.

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6 thoughts on “What Is Your Primary Question?

  1. Thank you Carolina for share this video, my question is like a flavor to my success and after have the answer I still have another question is like all my question are the ingredients in my life. Thanks Carolina

  2. Carolina very powerful statement. Since falling and breaking my ankle and going through five surgery, I have had to change my thoughts at what is important. Health is and will always be and now it is a changing daily. Sitting with my doctor and talking of pain, but also letting him know that each day I take one more step to walking. Each day is a new step to getting something back in my life. The primary question for me what is important??? So I didn’t get to see my son graduate from college last week. But I saw his President Award around his neck, his honor award cords and other accomplishment–on face book. Today we spent the day talking and him helping me around the house. I ask him what can I do for you now to help you. “Dad, you are doing it already.” You know that was all I needed to hear.

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