What Problems Really Are

We all have problems, that's a fact. The real problem is thinking you shouldn't have them. In this video I talk about how problems can turn into blessings, as long as you see them from a different perspective.

Like Tony Robbins says, Problems really are Challenges. And when you call them a challenge, when you change the language, and change your focus, the result can be completely different!

I recorded this episode of Driving With Carolina back in June of 2016 but it hadn't made it to the public yet! I had just returned from Date With Destiny in Australia with Tony Robbins 🙂

I hope you enjoy this video, and if you do, make sure you leave a comment below and share with other who need to hear this!

One thought on “What Problems Really Are

  1. Hello, Carolina
    That was awesome.
    Indeed, Problems are opportunities in disguise to bear fruits of victory.
    To me, life is a bootcamp to learn how to bear fruits of dominion over sin, the powers of sin and the consequences of sin (problems).
    So Carolina, be addicted to bearing fruits of victory. Lol.

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