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You Lose Everything In Your Business…What Would You Do?

I'm always curious to hear from successful Entrepreneurs, not only on how they built their businesses, but also on what they would do if they had to start all over again.

A few months ago, my good friend and mentor, Russell Brunson, sent an email to over 100 of his Two Comma Club Award winners. That's a special award you get when you build a funnel using Clickfunnels that makes $1M or more in sales. Inside the e-mail, he asked them one question:

“You suddenly lose EVERYTHING in your business (your money, your big name, your list, your affiliates and JV partners, all of it)…You have bills piled high, and people harassing you for money over the phone.
All you have is a roof over your head, a phone line, an internet connection, and a ClickFunnels account for only ONE MONTH.
Other than your vast marketing experience, you’re back to being a newbie…What EXACTLY would you do, from Day 1 to Day 30, to save yourself?”
He started reading through the crazy detailed plans, mapping out what they’d do day-by-day…
They sent him incredible, creative blueprints for how to get their business back up and rolling again, and generating income and leads in just ONE MONTH.
Every Two Comma Club expert had a different answer, and used a different strategy…(which is really, really cool!)

Each of his 30 speakers are going to answer that question for you IN DETAIL during the upcoming 3-Say Summit. You can register for FREE right here!

They will lay out their step-by-step detailed ACTION PLAN (Day 1 through Day 30) for how they’d get their business up and rolling. Each plan is DESIGNED to start out from ZERO.
Meaning, even if you have no list, no authority, no income, and no affiliates nor partners…this must work.
Even if you’re starting out truly from “Square One”…this summit is pre-engineered for YOU to succeed starting from SCRATCH!

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