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Your Facebook Email Now Goes To Your ‘Real’ Email

Today I logged in to Facebook like any other day, to check my messages, notifications, and relatively useless posts on my newsfeed. And to my surprise, I found this message at the top of the Newsfeed:

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Basically, what Facebook is telling you here is that their attempt at getting people to use their @facebook email FAILED. But, there is something else. What's going to happen now is that when people write to your Facebook email it will now go to your real email inbox. The message will be forwarded. The change will be rolled out in March, as I tested it and my email still landed in my Facebook messages inbox. Read more here.

There are several advanced Facebook marketing tools that allow you to download people's Facebook emails. Up to this point, the main purpose of this was to send unsolicited messages to your Facebook messages inbox, or to bulk invite people to like a fan page. Because lets face it, no one really uses their Facebook email, right? I mean, even Facebook has realised that!

But with this change, Marketers will now be able to take it further and use your Facebook email to reach your personal email inbox. Invasive? In my opinion, yes. But when done properly, this can be HUGE for marketers.

How would you do this properly? First, you need a tool such as FB Leadjacker  to extract email addresses (I'll tell you how you can get it for FREE in just a bit). Second, you need to create a funnel that allows people who get this message, to choose whether they want to keep getting messages from you, or not. Ideally, you should offer people value, either something they could get for free, like a Lead Magnet, or, a subscription to your newsletter, provided you will provide value and not just pitchy content all day long.

However, if you are going to start extracting people's emails from Facebook, you need to have a strategy. You cannot just go out there and extract emails without knowing what to do with them.

And that's where I can help you. My business partner Giancarlo and I work with people like you, who want to grow their brands and businesses through social media. And despite all the issues Facebook may have, it still remains a powerful tool for your marketing. So while it's still big, you need to take advantage of it and do it the right way, with the right mentors. We call it Transformation Mastermind.

When you join our coaching you will receive access to top notch training that both Giancarlo and I are paying big bucks for. We will transfer as much knowledge as we can to all of our members. You will also receive several tools for free, such as FB Leadjacker, which normally costs $99 dollars to buy. Click here to watch a FREE demonstration webinar to learn more and apply to be a member today.

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